Droid 2 Versus Droid In Hands-On Benchmark Video

Android and Me has a hands-on video comparison of Droid and Droid 2, along with plenty of benchmarks. It's not far off from the original impressions we saw, but it's the best tale of the tape we've seen yet.

The moral of the story: on the outside, Droid 2 and Droid aren't all that different. They're the same size, they use the same battery. There are some smoother lines and bit more space on the keypad, but overall you could easily confuse one for the other.


The performance difference, however, is noticeable. As it should be! Droid 2 has a 1GHz processor compared to Droid's 550MHz. And while they share the same GPU, Droid 2 still managed to double the frames per second of Droid. That's helped in large part by Droid 2's 512MB of RAM—equal to iPhone 4—compared to Droid's 256MB.

The takeaway seems to be that Droid 2 is a worthy refresh, but not an evolutionary leap forward. Certainly not on design, at least. But that doesn't mean I'm not just as excited to get my hands on one. [Android and Me]

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Way to go, Nuffle

Didn't people really like the d-pad for gaming?