iPhone 4 to Double iPad's RAM With 512MB

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MacRumors is reporting that iPhone 4 will pack 512MB of RAM, twice that of the 3GS and the iPad and on par with competitors like the Evo 4G. That's huge, for you and developers both.

We already know that the iPhone 4 will have the same processor as the iPad, but if the report bears out it'll also accommodate twice as much memory. That means developers can keep more data cached and manage graphics changes more effectively, and that you'll be able to browse without the iPad's often frustrating refresh times. The memory boost will also enable smoother multitasking, and is likely why iMovie won't come to the 3GS. In fact, it sort of reminds you—and makes you wonder why—the iPad's RAM is so relatively limited.


We'll know for sure in a week (or less) what the actual number is, but given how many of the iPhone's competitors have 512MB, it'll be a big disappointment if the iPhone 4 hasn't kept up with the Joneses. [MacRumors]

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Does anyone else remember the days when Apple released devices that were vast improvements over what is one the market, not just catch ups?