Dropbox It, Get Directions, Fill Your Bag, and Running Moonshine

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Dropbox shot up to version 2.0 and got some amazing features. You can finally figure out which app has the best turn-by-turn directions. Run moonshine on the bayou in a high-speed fan boat, and I bet you've always wanted to be a bag boy.


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Dropbox: If you don't already have a Dropbox account, get one. You can easily share files between computers and share individual folders and files with friends. The Android update that dropped this week brings bulk uploading, file renaming, favorites, and Ice Cream Sandwich support to the already great app. Free

Waze: Google Maps Navigation is a pretty good turn-by-turn app that's already on your device. Wanna know what's better? Waze. Did I mention it's free? With voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, live traffic and road conditions, auto rerouting when you take the a wrong turn, and auto switching between day and night mode for easier viewing, it's hard to imagine why you're not downloading it now for tonight's long drive to grandma's. Free


Bag It!: Bagging groceries is an art form. Sometimes I try to do it while the cashier rings up my stuff. Sure I can figure out the mechanics, but there's no way I'm as quick as the bag boy/girl that brushes me aside and magically fills my bags in seconds. Bag It! lets you fill bags with anthropomorphic food that doesn't want to be crushed. Bread and eggs are such pansies. $1


Shine Runner: Kotaku Says, "Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Riptide GP developer Vector Unit turns its mastery of water and boat physics on the wet and wild world of bayou booze smuggling in Shine Runner. Using simple tap or tilt controls to steer left and right, players are tasked with piloting their fanboat from shine shack to shine shack, half-heartedly attempting to avoid obstacles along the way." $2



Bs Baldwin

My only complaint with google maps nav is that it always wants me to leave 95 in maryland, even though both start finish are 5 - 10 miles from 95.