Dropbox Just Put All Your Photos in One Place

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Any photos you have on Dropbox are about to be organized. A new virtual photo album service rounds up literally every image you've got in Dropbox, puts them in one place, and sorts them by date. Pretty great—or maybe pretty scary if you're not sure what's in your Dropbox.

The service will roll out to everyone over the next few months, but a few people are getting it now. It lets you share to Facebook, Twitter, and email right from Dropbox, and you can organize the mass of photos into virtual albums, which themselves are also shareable. It's pretty cool, even if it feels like something you'd use once to see what kind of awful photos you have in Dropbox and then never look at again. However, if you use Dropbox's automatic photo upload feature, then this could be a really nice way to organize your photos if you don't just stick them all on Facebook.

There's another minor update from Dropbox that lets you preview PDF, .doc, .docx, and Powerpoint documents from the web client. Click on the file, and a preview pops up. [Dropbox via TechCrunch]

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I have pictures separated in a multitude of folders for specific projects... They better not move them out of those folders or I will cancel my account in a heartbeat.