Dropping a GoPro Camera Into a Well Looks Like a Soothing Never-Ending Trip to the Center of the Earth

How do you relax? Maybe with a delicious meal, a trip to the theater, or a good book? If you’re looking for another way to escape your stresses, you’ll be surprised at just how soothing it is to watch a five-minute video of a GoPro camera being lowered deep into a limestone well.


This is what I assume a trip to the center of the earth would look like, minus the molten lava, mole people, and countless dinosaur skeletons you’d probably encounter along the way. Surprisingly, while the video makes it feel like you’re descending for miles, this well is only about 110-feet deep. The rough limestone walls make it feel more like you’re driving into a cave.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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My first association is a never ending trip down someones colon. It’s a timing thing. Sorry.