In the list of things you probably should never experience in your life, even if you're sozzled to oblivion, dangling upside down from an active power cable is probably near the top. This very, very drunk man, however, obviously thinks differently. He climbed up a pole and hung upside down a high-voltage power cable for 15 minutes. Luckily for him (unluckily for human intelligence) he managed to survive without any major injuries.


It's pretty incredible that someone so drunk was able to walk away unscathed from this completely idiotic experience. The drunk man was actually hanging on the higher cable when he first fell but was somehow caught by the lower power cables. When he finally fell to the ground, there was a landing pad for him set up. He probably will remember none of this.

The incident, which happened in China, started because the man had drank a lot because he was in a bad mood. Seriously, that's what he told reporters on the scene. No word on why he climbed the power cable. [Guardian]


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