Drunk Russian Fishermen Crash into Nuclear Submarine

Illustration for article titled Drunk Russian Fishermen Crash into Nuclear Submarine

So you're out on the water with your pals, trawling Russian waters for Neptune's bounty. Fish! Fresh fish! What a wonder day we've got here—how about another drink? Yes. What's that? A submarine? Full speed ahead.


The AP reports this zealous scene of maritime shitfacery played out in Russia's Avachino Bay. Despite repeated warnings from the submarine's crew, the fishermen plowed their vessel straight into the anchored sub. And, of course, it turns out every single one of them was completely wasted.

Luckily, no serious damage was reported to the sub. But had this been a larger boat, or a more powerful collision, it could have been really bad. Nuclear submarines are exactly that—powered by small nuclear reactors, but not something you want split open and leaking into the middle of fishing waters. That would have been an awful hangover morning. [WaPo]



Is it bad that the first thing I thought was, "I wonder if Siberian Standard is any good..." when I saw that picture?

Yay, booze!