DS Lite Launches In Japan

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The Nintendo DS Lite finally went on sale in Japan today and surprise, surprise, hundreds of people spent the night in lines waiting to buy one. Every single retailer sold out, as expected-in many cases before they'd even opened. Only the Crystal White (a.k.a. the one that looks like an Apple product) was made available for purchase at launch, Nintendo of Japan rescheduled the release of the Enamel Navy and Ice Blue editions to March 11 due to production problems.


Online retailer Lik-Sang has raised their price for the DS Lite to $199.90 but are not promising a set delivery date; other online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores in Hong Kong are allegedly offering it for $300. If you're fiending for a DS Lite but aren't prepared to fork over the cash and then just wait for who knows how long, Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft stood in line for hours in Japan to procure a precious unit to give away to a nerd like you. Today's the last day to enter the contest, so get cracking!

Image courtesy of Impress Watch

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