Dumbo, Iron Man and Skywalker (Maybe) Coming to Netflix

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If you're a fan of Disney and subscribe to Netflix, then you're going to love the news that the two companies have entered into a multi-year content deal in the US. That's right, you'll soon be able to watch first-run live-action and animated films from The Walt Disney Studio.


But the good stuff, like theatrical releases from Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Disneynature, etc., won't be made available until 2016 because Starz currently holds that contract through 2015.

First-run films will be available to stream roughly seven months after their theatrical debut, reports the WSJ. It's unclear if Lucasfilm's catalog is included in any of the deals. We're waiting to hear back.


It's worth noting just to be clear that Netflix snagged this deal out of the hands of premium-TV networks like HBO.

Starting today, however, you'll be able to watch such classics as Dumbo and Alice in Wonderland. It's unclear if all of the Disney content will be streamable, though. We've reached out to Netflix and Disney for comment. Direct-to-video releases will begin streaming in 2013.

Netflix currently offers some Disney-related content but not all of it. This new deal will let subscribers access Disney content earlier through a pay-TV window on any number of devices, like your tablet or phone. [Press Release]

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2016 is way too far off to even matter. Amazon could very well trounce them in their entire library on Prime before that, or some other service for that matter. If the stuff isn't available for streaming, then it's totally meaningless.