Dump Verizon for an iPhone? Good Luck, Sucka

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Our blood brothers at The Consumerist are always looking out for us, and now they've been trying to find us a way to get out of our Verizon contract so we can dump that lame-ass Motorola Q for the iPhone when it comes around this summer. But that method of breaking a Verizon contract without paying an early termination fee because the company raised prices on text messaging turns out not to work very well.

After one reader went around and around with various Verizon supervisors, the company reps just ended up saying, in effect, "Cancel your contract without an early termination fee? Hahahahaha." Dang. Now we'll have to plunk down $200 more for that shiny new iPhone. Maybe it'll be worth it. Any other suggestions on how to quit Verizon without getting fleeced?

Verizon Makes Canceling Over Their Txt Msg Hike Impossible [The Consumerist]

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I was on the "dump verizon" boat for a day or two, but then realized that even after I got out of paying an early termination fee, I would lose out on the discounted "New Every Two" deal they have which bascically ammounts to a free Motorola Q.

I was throetically going to try to get out of the earlt-term fee by stating that there is has recently been poor to no coverage in the area around my home. I think that this is enough to get me out of the contract. It's that true?

I've been to Verizon a bagillion times, called just about as much and all they seem to tell me is: "Buy a new phone." Thanks Verizon, but The one I have works fine, except when I am at home, or within a two block radius of my house. About a month ago, things were fine.

I want out.