Duofone Cellphones Show Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Here's a design concept by Daewoo Kim for a cellphone that might actually be practical in desperate situations, because when one phoneruns out of power, the other one can charge it up. And look at them, aren't they cute, spooning on that charger together? Cellphone purveyors will probably like this design, because it may entice people to buy two products instead of one. There's another unique idea built into this cellphone, too.

Check out the picture above, where the phones are seen combining their screen real estate into one bigger screen, maybe a good idea for a couple to watch a movie on an airplane. With the phones' internal electronics combining themselves, both husband and wife could don Bluetooth headsets and enjoy the movie together while proving to their fellow passengers that they are indeed joined at the hip.


If you don't mind all that togetherness implied by such a design, this might not be a bad idea, but that curved cellphone form factor may not be too comfortable in the pocket.

It Takes Two, Me And You [Yanko Design]