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Duros 8404 Tablet Upgraded With Atom, Daylight-Viewable LCD

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If your business has you doing a lot of computing outdoors, a rugged tablet PC might make some sense. The upgraded Duros 8404 even brings an 8.4-inch sunlight-viewable SVGA touchscreen to the mix.

The display achieves a brightness of 1,100 nit with a 120-degree viewing angle, meaning that it should be clear even under direct sunlight. Inside the aluminum chassis, the 8404 also includes an Intel Atom processor, non-rotating compact flash drive and a hot-swappable battery. On a construction site the 8404 could be ideal, but I wouldn't expect any bargains here when the sticker price is revealed. [Hot Hardware via Ubergizmo]