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Dyson Put a Filter In Its Bladeless Fan To Cool and Clean a Room

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following up on its first humidifier that used a UV light to kill germs in its water reservoir, Dyson has just announced an updated version of its Cool fan that now includes a built-in 360-degree glass filter to remove 99.95 percent of airborne invaders in a room. And not just any filter, but a high-efficiency particulate arrestance—or HEPA—filter as regulated by the U.S. government making it as effective as you can get in a consumer-grade appliance.

Since a fan is often pointed directly at people, the inclusion of a HEPA filter on the new Dyson Pure Cool means that any germs or allergens floating around won't be directed right towards them. And the use of a 360-degree filter means that all of the air being sucked into the Pure Cool's base passes through it and is scrubbed of all particles as small as 0.1 microns.


To torture test its new creation Dyson's engineers blasted smoke from 228 cigarettes through the filter without seeing any drop in airflow or performance. And hopefully it works just as well with pipe smoke, because everyone just looks cooler with a pipe in their mouth, right?


When available next month the Dyson Pure Cool will only be sold in China and Japan initially, although sadly there's no specific date for when you'll be able to buy it in North America or other parts of the world. But if you remember what the smoggy skies looked like during the Beijing Olympics, you'll be more understanding of why those living in China can probably benefit from getting their hands on these first. [Dyson]