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Dyson Teases Upcoming Secret Project (It's Probably a Robot Vacuum)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dyson just released this video teasing its upcoming project, codenamed N223. They might as well have codenamed it "We're going to destroy the Roomba" because it's very probably a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The only thing the video actually confirms is that someone at Dyson has a boner for wide angle lenses, but we do get a glimpse of something suspiciously Roomba-like at the 13 second mark, and another floor-based robot is briefly shown around 6 seconds.


There's also someone using a handheld vacuum at one point. It's not a very revealing teaser, and it kind of reminds me of the beginning of a U2 video. But we don't need to plumb the video for clues to know that founder James Dyson is aiming for robotic vacuums. Dyson invested around $8.2 million in a robotics research lab in February, a sign the company is getting serious about making their own robotic vacuum.

It's time Dyson tackled robotic vacuums. Dyson vacuums are straight up awesome. The Roomba has been around since 2002. It's an old hag in gadget years, prime for usurping. Look at what Dyson did for fans. It took the whole "keeping you cool by circulating the air" part and got rid of the "sharp, loud, scary blades" part. It could have something equally smart in store for our little robot cleaning buddies.