Dyson's Latest Vacuum Cleaner, the Digital Slim DC35, is Heaven on a Stick

Lacking I may be in the domesticity gene, I can't help but want this latest Dyson vacuum cleaner. That's no surprise, though—I want everything Dyson makes, even this dog-vacuumer. I have a cat.


The Digital Slim DC35 is Dyson's latest cleaner, which goes on sale in the UK this week, for £200. Best Buy's offering it up on a pre-order basis now though, for $300.

So what's so hot about it? Ignoring the svelte design, it's just like one of their handheld cleaners (with a motor that spins five times' faster than a Formula 1 car engine, boasts Dyson), only has an extra-long spout for getting into tricky places. The battery has 15 minutes of suckage for every charge, but if you need a heavy-duty clean, there's a special turbo setting for six minutes of pure, unadulterated sucking. Sigh. [Dyson via The Telegraph]

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