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Here's a GPS device by E-Ten with a nicely-pixeled 3.5" 320x240 LCD display, and once this Pathfinder has helped to find your way, you can watch TV on it and listen to the radio, too. In fact, this is almost an Origami tablet, running Windows CE 5.0, with a 400MHz Samsung 2440 processor onboard. Nothing on TV or the radio? There's plenty of room inside for MP3s, where you can store a few on its internal 128MB of flash memory plus a miniSD slot to store lots more.

So far it'll only be available in Korea, where DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) TV is available. Someday maybe we ll have such things in the United States.


E-Ten GPS with PMP, DMB, and all those other great acronyms [MobileMag]

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