EA Confirms PS3 Rumble Controller With Live Unit

Confirming the previous "confirmation" about rumble coming to the PS3, EA has a Burnout Paradise demo booth set up at Tokyo Game Show complete with rumbling controllers. The controller itself looked exactly like a SIXAXIS, but had a sticker beneath it that said "RUMBLE." It was also much heavier, says IGN, than the standard SIXAXIS—which is to be expected. The rumble itself felt the same as the PS2's, which is unfortunate, because we were hoping for a 1989 Loma Prieta-level of shaking in this new one. [IGN via Kotaku - Thanks to Kotaku reader Peter]


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A firmware upgrade is easy enough if you want PS3 games to be rumbled enabled, but what about early adoptors? Will they get to trade in their controller for a rumble one at a small or no fee? Will the rumble controller come with a 10-15 foot USB cord rather than a 5 due to the fact that rumble drastically decreases battery life and the instances where charge and playing simultaneously will occur more often? Will the PS3s now come bundled with the rumble controller? These are dire questions that need to be answered and hopefully will end with a "Yes" and a "Yes no fee will be charged"