EA Holding Out on Windows Phone 7

The announced list of Windows Phone 7 games was impressive! But noticeably absent was EA, who's dragging their heals on officially committing to the platform.

In a statement provided to Mobile Entertainment, EA had little to say on the matter:

"We are constantly evaluating new platforms and opportunities, but have nothing to announce right now."


Which to my ears sounds like "We are holding out for more money from Microsoft, because honestly we made games for webOS so how picky can we be?" Something like that.

Microsoft was also made very clear that the first 63 games they announced were just the beginning, and that many more titles would be available by or at launch. It would be very surprising if EA franchises weren't among them. [Mobile Entertainment]

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I used to yell at all our priests and druids for dragging their heals and letting the tank die.