Ears On At CES with Creative's X-Fi

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Creative is showing off its hot new X-Fi technology at CES. I was promised cheap gifts and sexy women in exchange for standing in line, so I went in for the demonstration of X-Fi. X-Fi creates 7.1 channel surround sound inside any pair of headphones. Sure enough, it worked and worked damn well. It felt like I was listening to ultra-clear surround sound on speakers, not a set of headphones. All channels were present and it's a real treat I must admit when you compare it to something that isn't using X-Fi. We then watched a clip of the movie "Hero" with regular DTS and with DTS w/ X-Fi. You could head the swords swinging around your head with the X-Fi turned on and it really did improve my listening experience. Creative has definitely done an awesome job with X-Fi and you'll never want to listen to music or movies normally ever again once you've really experienced it.


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