Earth Hour: Turn Off Your Gadgets and Do Things in the Dark

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My dear friend—and tree-huggin' hippie—Robyn reminds me that tonight is Earth Hour. It may seem silly, but turning off all your electrical devices is a nice gesture. If only to do many other things, like:

• Make love (with yourself counts too). And if you need light, make your partner wear glow-in-the-dark neon lingerie or use something romantic. Like candles. Or an emergency light. Or flares. I don't know. Something.


And... and that's about it, really.

Robyn has six other very good suggestions, like gazing at the stars—since it'll be darker in the cities, you will be able to see more and maybe the International Space Station—or enjoy dinner with candles. But after the first one, who cares. It's only one hour. Unless you want to make love while gazing at the stars and practice some sploshing at the same time. Which, mind you, sounds like a great plan.


So go and read the rest before turning off your computer and wireless router tonight at 8:30PM local time. [7 Things to do in the Dark]

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Why is everyone so cynical? It's a nice thing to do. Who knows if it really helps, but at least it brings awareness.