EazeMD App Gets You a Weed Prescription Without Actually Visiting a Doctor

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Twenty-three states as well asthe District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in some form, which is just fantastic news for stoners. But if actually going to see a doctor to get a prescription is too much trouble for you, a new app has people in California covered.


This new app comes to you from Eaze, a marijuana delivery startup that nabbed a $10 million investment earlier this year. Called EazeMD, the app aims to streamline the process of getting the paperwork you need to actually get medicinal marijuana.

Available for Android and iOS, EazeMD hooks you up face-to-face with a board certified physician who takes a look at your medical history and evaluates you for a medical marijuana recommendation. Once the recommendation is issued, you can order weed right there on the spot from Eaze. You’ll also receive a recommendation in the mail so that you can use it at a physical, IRL dispensary. The fee for you recommendation is billed directly by the doctor and costs about $30, according to Eaze.


At this time, Eaze only operates in California, but as the country becomes increasingly open to marijuana use of all kinds, expect it to pick up steam. So if for some reason you’re feeling unmotivated, help is on the way.

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Yes. This is exactly what was intended with medical marijuana legalization. All of those little old ladies who could only find glaucoma relief through smoking weed will be thrilled.