EcoXPower Will Charge Your Phone And Keep the Lights On While You Bike

Making use of pedal-power to charge your phone or power headlights isn't a brand new biking technology, but the EcoXPower brings something new to the table by letting you do both of those simultaneously.

Touting itself as the first gadget with this kind of multi-tasking power, the EcoXPower has two main parts. First is the main device, which attaches to your bike's front wheel hub and uses the moving spokes to generate electricity, complete with mounted lights. The second is a touchscreen-compatible, water resistant case—connected to the generator by a USB cable—where you can stash your iPhone, Android, or GPS device. Mount that between your handlebars and you're ready to go.


It also comes with a lithium-ion battery that can keep the lights on and devices charging for up to 90 minutes in between bouts of pedaling, so the coasting down a hill now and then, or even stopping to take a call, isn't a problem. It's available from EcoXGear for $99. [Engadget via Gizmag]

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