ECS Our Room PC: Home Theater in One Box

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The ECS "Our Room PC" (ORPC) is an all-encompassing take on the home theater PC where the idea is to put everything in one box, including a PC, DVD player and recorder, a PVR, and a 24-bit audio system. It's marketed as a media server, and has a Viiv-compliant Intel Pentium D processor with the 945G chipset inside running Windows Media Center. It's also packing a SATA hard drive moving data at a rate upwards of 100MB per second, giving you plenty of bandwidth for HDTV. Pricing was not announced, but ECS said at CeBIT the unit would be available later this month.

Is it us, or does this look like an old VHS machine? And we also must add, until these devices have a CableCard or two inside, they're not going to be all that useful.


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