Eddie Brock's Not a Very Good Journalist in the First Venom Clip

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.
Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.
Image: Sony

One of the few parts of Eddie Brock’s character Sony decided not to fiddle with too much in its upcoming Venom solo film is his passion for journalism—something that ultimately brings him into contact with the alien symbiote that changes his life.


After months of questionable trailers and lascivious posters, Sony’s finally dropped the first clip—from a scene in the film featuring Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock confronting Carlton Drake, the CEO of the Life Foundation portrayed by Riz Ahmed, about his organization’s alleged human experimentation. If you’ve seen Venom’s earlier trailers, you already know that the Life Foundation is responsible for introducing symbiotes to the world and in the clip, Eddie seems to have put two and two together. But when he clumsily tries to press Drake for information and answers, he’s shut down immediately.

Look, we get it. Everybody investigative journalist out there just wants to uncover the truth, but Eddie’s technique here is just plain sloppy. He immediately tries to go in for the kill with an interviewee who clearly doesn’t have his defenses down and, one presumes, has enough media training not to just straight-up spill the fact that his company’s letting alien beings slither up inside unwitting test subjects.

Suffice to say that when Venom hits theaters on October 4, it’s not going to be a comic book movie take on Spotlight. Could be a good horror movie though? We can hope.

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Eric Ravenscraft

On top of all that mentioned in the article...is it just me or is this clip edited horrendously? I guess I don’t want to be too harsh because it’s a pre-release clip, but it still feels like it’s being edited like a trailer (or worse, like a movie they tried to piece together in editing after hasty reshoots, a la Suicide Squad). There’s just so much bad shit in here.

Off the top of my head:

  • The very first shot appears to be from the in-movie camera’s POV. The one that Eddie Brock’s team brought, not Sony’s camera. This is the only shot like this until the interview ends. Which is weird because multiple over-the-shoulder shots are from a perspective slightly to the left or right of the news camera. Why even bother starting with the news camera’s perspective at all? Or is it just a coincidence that the film camera and the news camera were pointed the same direction when walking down that bridge?
  • The cut at 0:20 feels like a massive jump cut. Brock goes from head forward to head down, and sounds like he’s starting in mid-sentence.
  • WHERE THE HELL DID THE SECURITY PEOPLE COME FROM? At 0:28 we just see them magically appear. They weren’t established in any previous shot and the first time we see them is when one of their hands covers the camera. Maybe the full movie’s scene is longer and we see them, but here it’s really jarring when a hand belonging to someone we’ve never seen is suddenly in front of the camera.
  • Also, that hand-over-the-camera shot is the first time we’ve jumped back to the news camera’s POV since this clip began. And since we never went back to that perspective in the first place, it’s really unclear that we were ever in the news cam’s POV at all. It’s even weirder that the shot lasts all of one second and then were back to a film camera’s POV.

Like I said, this might be unfair judgment just yet, but man shit like this makes me nervous. I’m getting tired of movies that feel cobbled together in reshoots and this isn’t making me feel better.