Edmunds App Shows What's On the Car Dealership's Lot, No Salesman Needed

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Car shopping has always been a pain—it's damn near impossible to just browse the lot without a salesperson breathing down your neck. Thankfully, Edmunds.com is here with an update to the Lot Buddy app that lets you search the dealership without invoking the sales sharks.


Update: The app is now live on the Apple App Store. Go download it here!

Lot Buddy harnesses your smartphone's location-aware abilities to sense the moment you set foot on a dealership lot. Open the app while you're walking the lot, and Lot Buddy will confirm the dealership you're at. Then, you'll be able to search the dealership's inventory by make, model, color, and features, so you'll know for sure whether or not the dealer you're at has the brown diesel hatchback with steel wheels and leather interior that your heart so desires.

In a Lot Buddy simulation I tested in a beta version of the Edmunds app, the whole process was easy. Once the app learned my location, all I had to do was click which brand's dealership I was interested in (since so many dealerships house multiple brands), then scroll through the inventory on the lot until I found the car I was looking for. Simple.

Once you've honed in on the car of your dreams, you can save the car to your list of Favorites, or tap for a no-haggle price quote right then and there. Plus, Edmunds' host of features, including region-specific price history, financing calculators, and MSRP listings, all carry over to the newly-updated app.

Sure, you can do this kind of research at home, maybe. But nothing beats walking the dealership lot and getting a feel for what the car of your dreams looks like in real steel. Lot Buddy ensures that the car you're looking for is actually on the lot, avoiding the telephone bait-and-switch of "we must've sold it while you were on your way over" and giving you a shot at a price quote before you ever talk to a salesperson. If you're in the market for a new car, the free Edmunds app could save you money and headaches alike.



Most dealerships I've dealt with are terrible at keeping their inventory up to date, and leave cheap deals online just to get people to come in. Not sure how well this will actually work...