Ed's TnT Dugout Review: The Classy Way to Carry Your Cannabis

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Wily stoners know that when smoking in public, subtlety is key. Carrying your stash in a dime bag emblazoned with little weed leaves—not subtle. Instead, try the Tote 'n Toke dugout. It's inconspicuous, compact, and masks the scent of even the stickiest of ickies with the aromas of exotic hardwoods.

What Is It?

A hand-carved dugout case with an integrated bat pipe (aka a one-hitter).

Who's it For?

Smokers looking for an understated carrying case that doesn't advertise its contents.



Gorgeous. Each piece is cut and shaped from a single block of wood. Choose from over a available dozen types—traditional Oak and Walnut start at around $30, and exotics like Amboyna or Sinker Cypress can run past $90.


Using It

Twist the cap piece 90 degrees. One chamber holds the smoking material, and the other is spring-loaded and holds the bat. Pull out the bat and press its copper tip into the material chamber and give it a quick twist. This bites off a perfectly proportioned single hit. Light it up.


The Best Part

The look and smell. These things smell awesome. Plus, the inherent variations in wood means that you're holding a unique and individual carving.


Tragic Flaw

The bat holds a single hit. So you'd better get used to the habit of dipping the bat, twisting off a hit, lighting, drawing, clearing the ash, and repeating.


This Is Weird...

The bat jumps out of its spring-loaded chamber like a little wooden rocket.

Test Notes

  • There are nice wood options on the bat itself—we tested a redwood type with a copper tip.
  • Grind your herb as finely as you can before storing in the case, you'll be able to store more plant material and clear the bat more easily when taking a hit.
  • Wipe the case down occasionally with Ed's Bomb Ass Butter to help preserve the finish, protect the wood, and maintain the scent.
  • You can usually blow through the bat to clear it out, but a paper clip is a good backup to have in case it gets jammed. You'll eventually have to use a pipe cleaner or straightened paper clip to clear out the body of the bat once it gets all resinated.

Should You Buy It?

If you prefer not to explicitly advertise the fact that you're holding, and you need an understated, less stinky means of carrying your stash, the Tote'n Toke is a great value.


Ed's TnT Dugout

• Dimensions: 4" H x 2" W x 3/4" D
• Material: Varies (Redwood Burl was used for this review)
• Capacity: ~ 4 grams
• Weight:2 ounces, unladen
• Price: Starting at around $40; $90 as tested (in Redwood Burl)
• Gizmodo Rank: 3.5 stars


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I see bats that look like cigarettes all the time. Why don't they make dugouts that look like a box of cigarettes?