Eee PC Getting Major Revisions: Intel Processors, Windows XP, Bigger SSDs and More

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Joanna over at Laptop Mag just published an interview she held with Jerry Shen, Asus' CEO. She questioned him regarding the future of the Eee PC, and he sure did outline some interesting plans for future revisions. Jump for the lowdown on what Jerry Shen had to say.


• Although we already knew the 8.9-inch model was confirmed to be coming to market, the souped-up edition will also come with 8GB, 12GB or 20GB SSD options. The 8GB model will run Windows XP, whilst the other two will support Xandros. Whether the OS will be fixed to those particular models only is not entirely clear.

• Asus will move away from the VIA processors, instead adopting Intel's Atom platform in Q2, this year.

• Additional colors will be added to the current selection. However, those will not be the only cosmetic changes; Shen promised a "very stylish" makeover, which will have a "New York city sleekness" about it. He coined May or June as dates for the newer, potentially sexier Eee PC.

Shen speculated that Asus was playing with the idea of offering HDD versions of the Eee PC, too. Unfortunately, he did not go so far as to confirm any plans on that front. Nevertheless, it all sounds very promising—1024 x 600 resolution, bigger SSDs, Intel Atom and a face job; what more could you ask from your Sunday Eee PC fill? Check out the complete, extensive interview by hitting the link. [Laptop Mag]



If they add a HDD (having already increased the screen size) then isn't it starting to look a lot like any other small notebook PC? Isn't the price also going to look a lot like that of any other small notebook too?