EeePC Getting Windows XP Version in December

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Along side the Eee Desktop news we told you about earlier, Jonathan Tseng, VP of marketing at Asus, also stated that a Windows XP version of the Eee PC would be available this December. With no word on a specific release date, specs or price, we can only hope the Windows version doesn't bump up the cost even more. [Digitimes]



This is a great little product and a view of what is on the Horizon. This will be great for students, business people and many of us who do not need to carry a cruncher all the time.

HTC will be next I am sure with a major product introduction in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 08 and I am sure Dell will be ramping up to introduce their new product.

It will be hard for Apple to maintain their high prices with all of this great stuff coming out.

Great flexability on the "Big Guy", Microsoft to come in on the final seconds of the game and shoot a 3 pointer, a winner for them and the consumers.

I really liked the last Axim Dell came out with and still use it a lot (wish I could upgrade it to Windows 6.0) It is a great little tool however if the screen was bigger it would be a really great tool.

Most would be happy with a 7", anything bigger than that in this application would just get in the way. 8 Gigs is fine with solid state, 8 gig thumb, drive what more can you handle?

Ahhh what a great time to be living in.