Electric Implant Device Could Do Away With Gastric Bypass

Thanks to the research team at EnteroMedics, there may be new hope in our quest to lose weight while avoiding regular physical activity and a healthy diet. The device they have come up with is implanted just under the skin and uses electrical signals to block the vagus nerve—which controls how the stomach expands when we eat. Naturally, if the stomach doesn't expand, that would mean that the user would feel full much faster than normal. It also reduces our craving for food in general.

Research conducted with nine patients fitted with the implant revealed that the average caloric intake went down by about 500 calories a day and the average weight loss over nine months was equivalent to 30% of the excess body weight. Those numbers pale in comparison to what gastric bypass can deliver, but the risk involved with the procedure is drastically reduced—so much so that it may be appropriate for individuals who do not fit into the "morbidly obese" category. Testing is expected to continue in the US and Australia with 300 more patients in the coming months. [Technology Review via DVICE]


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