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The Healthcare Snore Stopper presents a rather interesting, Pavlovian take on preventing snoring by emitting a gentle ("harmless", they say) electrical signal when it detects your snoring. In theory, your body will learn to stop shocking itself over time in a form of aversion therapy and as a bonus, the device conveniently avoids waking either of you up. It can be worn on the wrist and is available for just about $60. Also, note the clever use of foreground in their product photo. Subtle.

Catalog Page ($60, available soon) [GadgetUniverse via shinyshiny]

Jason writes: "The Sharper Image actually sold a product like this I'd say about oh, over 15 years ago. My father bought one because he was getting too many bruises on his leg from getting kicked by my mother. Anyways, it worked really well in the beginning but over time his body developed a resistance to the shock, so my mother would dial up the shock level. The body's proclivity for resistance prevailed, and he would just wake up with burn marks on his arm."