Electronics May Still Be OK for Some US Travel

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When crazy stuff happens on airplanes, as it did on Christmas, you can rest assured security will tighten and terrifying electronics restrictions will fall into place. But in this latest case, our electronics? They may still be "safe."

I bring that up because there was apparently this nasty rumor going around that all electronics would soon be banned on all British Airways and Virgina Atlantic flights once these inevitable "new security measures" went live. And could you imagine? A trans-Atlantic flight without laptop movies, MP3 jams and podcasts, and positively no covert airplane mode smartphone adult content? Hell in an aluminum tube, says I.


But it's apparently not true, for now. Both airways said electronics are still GO, even as some previouslt reported "unpredictable" security measures go into place over the next few days.

American carriers, like Continental, United and AA, have also not changed their security measures in the wake of the attempted Xmas Day terrorist attack—yet—so getting home from your relatives this week could still be moderately bearable, as far as air travel goes anyway. [Pocket Lint]

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Without electronic devices, the terrorists win. It is the only logical conclusion.

Seriously, I do have a problem with the ridiculous scrutiny on travel - and have since 9/11. What is the point? By the fourth plane the gig was up - the passengers rose up against the terrorists and stopped the plot. Let passengers take on MP3 players and pocket knives - who cares? If a terrorist comes on board and starts screaming to the God of their choice, the passengers can pull out the box cutters and put an end to the craziness.

I know I sound nuts myself, but the only thing we are doing by making travel more difficult is giving the terrorists exactly what they want. One nut job walks onto a plane and scares the world, and the result is we allow the nut job to make it more difficult for everyone to fly. Why? So we can feel safer flying? Screw that.

Clearly I am just some crazy person who wants to listen to violent music while holding a swiss army knife at thirty thousand feet.