Eleksen SideShow Bag: Kind of Ugly, Kind of Cool

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The Skinny A bag we saw last night at CES Unveiled from "interactive apparel" maker Eleksen that sports a Vista SideShow module designed for "soft-goods peripherals," so we'll probably see it in a number of other Eleksen wares. The module has a 2.5-inch LCD screen and pulls data from a notebook using either Bluetooth or USB.

Geared Toward The few hipsters who don't own Macs and will have Vista.

The Spin Check out info you need without busting out your whole laptop while looking fashionable.


Counterspin You'll probably look like a tool. No price yet, but probably pricey compared to handheld SideShow units from Dell and other manufacturers.

Buy It If... You want a SideShow setup sewn into your clothing because handheld units just aren't convenient enough for you.


Product Page [Gizmodo]