Elevator Beds Keep Your Disheveled Sheets Out of View

Using a cleverly engineered counterweight mechanism, these wonderful beds from Italian furniture maker Espace Loggia can be raised to the roof when you're not sleeping. The design is supposed to free up space in a room during the day so you can squeeze a desk in there or other temporary furniture, but the real reason this exists is obvious: it's the easiest way to get out of making your bed without looking like a slob.

The 'rise and shine and then hide' beds come in a variety of different sizes, catering from kids all the way up to adults. And since they appear to even come in double and queen sizes, they should be able to support at least a couple of adults without collapsing in the middle of the night. Raising and lowering the beds looks easy enough to do by yourself, and we're hoping the company considers a similar approach to dining tables covered in filthy dishes, or sofas saturated in Doritos crumbs. It would make prepping for parties so much easier. [Espace Loggia via HomeCrux]


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