Usually the titans of industry, billionaire bigshots and movie stars have their hands on the latest gadgetry before any of the rest of us, but not this time, not with the iPhone. Sure, our own Brian Lam was one of the select few to grope the iPhone last January, but since then, it's only been in the hands of a few elite reviewers, an Apple board member or two (such as Eric Schmidt who was seen flashing an iPhone at a recent conference), and, well, Steve Jobs. Heck, even the CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, didn't have one in late March. Will the hoi polloi have to wait in line?


Heck, no. They'll get someone to wait for them. But isn't it rich to see the great democratization of the iPhone, where it's impossible for high-status individuals to hook up with one earlier than the rest, where swank-ass Hollywood producers and directors, along with their agents and managers can't seem to snag one, either. Says one talent agency assistant:

"Usually it's us getting the clients free swag, like free Helios and Sidekicks. But now it's the other way around. I heard from one friend of mine at a studio that a senior production executive was using his relationship with a high-profile actor to get himself an iPhone. What's weird is that the actor was actually like, 'Yeah, I think I know someone at Apple who can hook you up."

Good god, this is certainly turning into a rat race for the jewelry-jangling set. What better way to pump up the hype—don't give away any schwag beforehand. At all. This is going to be serious, folks. Will there be riots this Friday at 6pm?


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