Email AT&T's CEO, Get Threatened With Legal Action

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Steve Jobs may like interacting with his public via email, but the same can not be said for AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. One guy emailed him twice in two weeks and was threatened with a C&D. Yikes.

The emails seemed relatively reasonable, too. The first was "a request to bump up his iPhone eligibility date and a request for a tethering option," with the second being a complaint about AT&T's new data rates. Nothing crazy about either of those.


But after he sent his second email, a fellow by the name of Brent called him, thanked him for the feedback and advised him that further emails would result in legal action.

Hey, who says AT&T hates its customers??

Update: And here's a statement from AT&T, doin' damage control. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Brent was having a bad day and forgot that he lives in the age of the internet, where mean-spirited horseshit always ends up online. Clearly this isn't company policy. At least it isn't anymore!

We are apologizing to our customer. We're working with him today to address his questions and concerns. This is not the way we want to treat customers. From Facebook to significant customer service channels, AT&T strives to provide our customers with easy ways to have their questions addressed.


[So long, and thanks for all the fish via Engadget]

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What has happened to the PR departments at major corporations?

I'm a financial analyst, who stares at spreadsheets with thousands of loans on them everyday, and even I know that this was bound to end in disaster.

Maybe PR's populated by people who just couldn't cut it at other majors. You know the folks I'm talking about. They are at college on daddy's dollar, and sort of mope there way through for 3 years and then stumble onto a major like Marketing or Communications that they are closest to graduating with. Sort of like Van Wilder except, we all know these people in real life, and they certainly are nothing like that guy was.