Embossing Braille Labelmaker Listens and Gives You Something to Touch

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Designed by Danny Luo, this embossing Braille labelmaker may look like a flashlight, but in reality it's a innovative tool for the sight-impaired: speak into the wide end and the labelmaker will spit out labels with embossed Braille characters

The 25mm x 50mm labels produced by this printer are intended to simplify the identification of similarly shaped or sized objects. Understandably, the designer appears to focus on the potential applications in identifying prescription medication bottles in particular. Being fortunate enough to only require minor vision correction, I can't even imagine how someone could identify medications without sight: the containers are nearly identical and there are plenty of pills that would feel the same. While this concept could save lives by preventing accidental overdoses, the applications seem limitless:

  • Which socks go together?
  • What's the color of those pants?
  • Before you open the bag, are those BBQ-flavored chips or Cheetos?
  • What's in that box? Ultra-ribbed or Her Pleasure?
  • Which cat is that? Dizzy or Angel?

We could probably justify a label for everything in the house, inanimate or not. What would be the first thing you'd label? [Coroflot via Core77]