There are more home-made Iron Man suits on the internet than Tony Stark has dollars in the bank. Some are even quite good, but none come as close to mimicking the real thing like this creation by an Instructables-user calling himself Honus.

While we don't yet get a clear shot of the suit fully-assembled and functioning, seeing the individual components in action is awesome enough for now. The helmet opens and closes by itself, rocket launchers deploy from the shoulder armor, glowing hip pods pop out, and there's even functional flaps on the back—even though it can't fly.

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Instead of requiring someone else to operate all of the extra functions with a remote control, RFID tags embedded in the tips of the gloves can be used to individually activate them while wearing the suit. Even without another Iron Man movie this year, this guy is a shoe-in to win a few Halloween costumes in October.


And if you're finally tempted to build your own, he's provided detailed assembly photos and instructions over on Instructables. Just be forewarned, you better be ready to free up a few hundred hours to make one. [Instructables via Hackaday]

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