Endo Magnet Clips Clamp Down with Neodymium Strength

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These aren't just any magnet clips to fasten your kids' artwork to the refrigerator: these Endo Magnet Clips are "a solid mass of neodymium, silicone and steel" that can hold up 16 ounces of whatever. You push the circular area and the clip opens up, and then you can securely attach anything that weighs less than a pound.

Those must be some strong magnets, taking considerable strength to remove them from that metal surface. We've heard that word neodymium before—it's used in speaker systems and earphones. The Endo Magnet Clips are available in lots of purdy colors, and they're just 10 bucks for three.

Product Page [The Endo, LLC]

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Lead doesn't do shit for blocking magnetic fields, you are thinking radiation (alpha, beta, and gamma rays/particles).

You can get neodymium magnets from surplus stores here for $1 a piece that are rated to hold 3 lbs. They are coated with some kind of metal, but that coating will make marks on a standard frig door. Also, they are fairly hard to just pull off the door.

The magnets would have to be really close to the actual hard drive platter to have a strong enough field to maybe do something. You would probably be more likely to magnetize some of the moving parts inside and cause it to stop working that way then actually doing anything to the data on the drive.