Illustration for article titled Enlist the Gadget-Charging TLight Lamp In Your War On Cables

Until the glorious day when my whole desk is an induction charging slab, I'll take any help I can get in my daily battle with power strips, chargers, cables, and cords. The gadget-charging T'Light lamp looks like a powerful ally.


The metal lamp has a 3 watt LED light and comes in 8 different colors. OK, great. But the real business is down below, in the base—it includes an iPhone dock, a USB port, and a jack for powering laptops, though unfortunately there's no MacBook adapter.

Sadly, I think we're still a ways off from winning the war on cables. But at least we have the T'Light, which is available now for $90, to keep our morale up in the meantime. [T'light via Wired]

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