The dust from Black Friday and the following big shopping weekend has settled and we want to hear what adventures you encountered. Lied about your Grandma's dying wish to own a cheap HDTV for a cut in line? We want to hear about it. Mio has provided a H610 Personal GPS Navigator and Media Player for the best Black Friday Story.

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So i was at a local target this morning, around 7 am. I was there to pick up a xbox 360 after i missed out on the deal, and i was wearing a red polo with regular jeans and nikes. I walk in, head straight to the electronics department, and notice there are no xbox's. So i think, they are hiding them somewhere else and ask a employee.

He said that lady right there just bought the last premium, which is what i was after. So i start swearing to myself and get this great idea. I see her walking toward the toys, right by the electronics, and i run to her. I didn't think it would work, and id look like a jackass but i went for it. I ran up to her, posing as a employee and asked her to leave the xbox here with me while she looked around to other departments and it would be waiting for her right behind the counter. She gave me a hesitant look, then said "ok, sorry". So, i started walking to the counter, looked over my shoulder and as soon as she was out of site, i made the first left and bolted to the register, made my purchase and headed home.

Long story short, i got my xbox 360, fightnight round 3 and my mountain dew. What a great friday!!


Kind of a asshole move—good job ruining Christmas for her kids, but funny nonetheless.

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