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Welcome to this week’s edition of Reading List, Gizmodo’s weekly collection of the Internet’s best tech stories. This week, we explore hackathon culture, glimpse the final days of World War Two, and consider the impact of technology on music.

  • Hackathons are a big part of the tech startup world, and they have a strange culture all their own. It’s more about connecting and competing than starting real companies or even making real money. [The Atlantic]
  • Someone just spent $55,000 to buy a telegram containing the final exchange between Hitler and his second in command as Nazi Germany collapsed, but before that, the document was almost lost to history. [Washington Post]
  • Music streaming services may change our music listening habits — they drive listeners toward what’s popular, and they all but ignore classical music, for instance — but they’re just the latest in a long series of technologies that impact how we experience music. [The New Yorker]

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