We've had a huge response to the Gizmodo Day New York event @ 4food, but unfortunately are limited by capacity. So we've organized a second Meetup nearby, and will be choosing some lucky Gizmodo readers to get into the 4food event.

We've reserved some space for a second Meetup at a nearby bar — please RSVP on Meetup if you plan to attend. Gizmodo Staff will be dropping by.


To enter to win a RSVP at the 4food event, please fill out this short web form. (If you're a starred commenter, take a look at the graphic at the end of this post, before the comments.)

Outside of New York? Readers have organized hundreds of Meetups. Find the one closest to you by visiting the Gizmodo Day page or use the widget below to find the Meetup nearest you.

We'll be putting up a post tomorrow with more information on Gizmodo Day — including how to win fame and glory for you and your Meetup on Gizmodo.


Standard Contest Rules apply.

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