enTourage Edge: Half Ebook Reader, Half Tablet, All Hideous

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Have you ever wondered how a bunch of people come up with the same brilliant idea at the same time? Like an ereader with two screens? Half of the enTourage eDGE is an e-Ink reader. The other's an Android tablet.

It's an ugly little mutant, like a Courier screwed an EeePC and Kindle. The e-Ink screen's 9.7 inches—same as the Kindle DX—and readers ePub and PDF files. It'll let you take notes with stylus, or tap them out on a keyboard. On the Android side, which will apparently let you run full Android apps, you've got a 10.1-inch, 1024x600 screen, which you can use to look at images from books (in full color?). Like any good anything that does everything, it also records video and audio. For wireless, it's got Wi-Fi and optional 3G, along with Bluetooth for external keyboards.

Admittedly, I kind of like the idea of a reader I can use to browse the internet too, but I just can't do it on something this hideous. And, I really can't abide stupid capitalization patterns, like eDGe. It's $500, if you can. [Entourage via Cnet]]

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It is ugly, but the concept is very good. Dedicated ebooks are not the answer, if I am going to carry around something as big as an ebook, I want it to do more than just display a book. Until we get colour screens as crisp as an ebook, these hybridized transitional forms are the next best thing. #entourageedge