Epson's Transparent Video Glasses Let You See the Judgmental Stares of Others

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Yesterday we reviewed Sony's HMZ-T1 3DTV Headset and while it provides a great 3D experience, it completely removes the viewer from the world around them. That's not the case with Epson's new see-through Moverio BT-100 video glasses. They allow for a private viewing experience while still allowing the wearer to keep an eye on their surroundings, and everyone staring at them.


According to Epson, a pair of 0.52 inch LCD displays, each with a resolution of 960x540, create a viewing experience that's akin to watching a 320 inch display from 65 feet away. Which is the equivalent of watching a 50 inch display from about 10 feet, for those who don't have a gymnasium sized living room. Multimedia content is fed to the glasses via a tethered control unit running Android 2.2, and while videos and pictures can be played from an SDHC card, the unit is equipped with wifi, a touchpad, and a flash-enabled web browser so content can also be streamed online.

Available in Japan on November 25 for about $643, the Moverios can also be worn over a user's regular glasses, just the like oversized sunglasses that adorn grandparents around the world. And while they seem targeted as the ideal way to pass the time while flying, I think they're far better suited for a daily commute on the subway, letting you catch up on TV while keeping an eye on that sketchy dude sitting across from you. [Epson via TechCrunch]



If you can see out through them, wouldn't it be hard to keep your eyes focused on the screen that's so close instead of the things farther away? Or at least wouldn't there be crosstalk/ghosting of some kind?