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EQO today announced a new version of its EQO Mobile software, and this is a big rev, letting you send and receive instant messages from your cellphone. Now you can use IM services including AOL AIM, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Yahoo! IM, MSN Messenger, Jabber and Skype, from just about any cellphone.

Social networkers on services such as MySpace, Friendster, Tagworld, Hi5, Xanga and Multiply will dig this latest version, too, where now they can exchange web-to-phone, phone-to-web and phone-to-phone text and picture messages, with click-to-call (mobile VoIP) and click-to-IM features.


EQO for Skype was already cool, introduced earlier this year, which lets you make Skype calls from your cellphone. But now this new cellphone instant messaging feature is a huge step forward. Those greedy cellphone service providers are going to hate this.

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