Instead of using propellants like tetrafluoroethane or muscle power, the BlowerBaby uses a 1,500 mAh rechargeable battery to power a 26,000 RPM motor that spins fast enough to produce a blast of air that leaves the nozzle at around 44 mph. That should be more than enough force to not only dislodge dust and larger debris, but sugary powders, too, with enough airflow to dry out small spills.


On a full charge the BlowerBaby can run for more than 15 minutes of continuous use, but its multi-function power switch also allows for intermittent blasts and Nitecore claims you can get upwards of 90 10-second bursts before you need to attach a USB-C cable and charge it back up. It takes a few seconds for the motor to get up to speed, but the process sounds like a jet engine roaring to life, which might be even more satisfying than seeing your electronics devoid of dust.

With a $100 price tag, the Nitecore BlowerBaby doesn’t come cheap, but compared to a $10 can of compressed air that constantly needs to be replaced, it could be a more economical alternative in the long run if all your toys are endlessly attracting dust.