Erotic Wristwatches - Oh, You Rakish Gent

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The erotic watch has always been a dirty little secret in the watchmaking industry. These watches were made for lads about town who wanted a bit of jerky hardcore sex before the era of QuickTime and PSP PR0N. Tiny figures were attached to the parts of the watch and they moved about, thrusting and parrying like the lifeless hunks of metal they were. This, apparently, was the height of sexiness back in the day.

Well, never fear, fellow Luddites. Expensive watch company Blancpain is selling these things for about $130,000. They're completely customized and completely expensive and completely impossible to get. However, we also have the, a company that sells something very similar for about $150. Please note, the website features some NSFW rutting, but don't let that stop you.

Product Page [EroticaWatches]
Product Page [Blancpain - You won't find the erotics there, though. I'll try to find some.]

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