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Are you a complete slob? Can't be bothered to dig through your CDs and DVDs? Then this is probably a decent product for you. The Fireball SE-D1 from Escient not only packs a cool name, but a lot of organization power. Using the on-screen interface, you can navigate your way through up to 400 discs provided you have a Sony DVP-CX777ES DVD/CD changer, with which it works flawlessly. The SE-D1 will access the CDDB and MovieDB to get information on your titles, which is very helpful when you're dealing with 400 discs. In addition to the on-screen interface, the SE-D1 can be controlled from any standard web browser, wireless PDA or web pad using standard wireless home networks, which is totally awesome for when you're on the couch with your laptop and you need to ditch the Dean Martin for some Slayer. Need to get organized right now? Be prepared to shell out $999 for the Fireball SE-D1. Out in December.

Escient Fireball SE-D1 Digital DVD and Music Manager [eHomeUpgrade]


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