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Come on ESPN. Just give it up. The experiment has failed. Stop showing the commercials, stop the advertising, ESPN Mobile is a flop. Merrill Lynch, the people that know all things money and businessy, has called out ESPN Mobile and Disney saying that the plug should be pulled on the mobile service.

[The analysts] now estimate that ESPN Mobile will lure a mere 30,000 subscribers over the course of this financial year, well below their original estimate of 240,000. Along with the losses generated by a second Disney-branded phone service, ML expects that the Mouse will lose $135 million on its experiment in FY06.


Just listen to them, ESPN. They know all, just throw in the towel before I am forced to Indian burn every person starring in those wretched ESPN Mobile commercial.

Thanks to our half-sister, drag queen, Deadspin.

Merrill Lynch: Time To Pull Plug On ESPN Mobile [Via Deadspin]

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