Esquire Expects You to Hack Their E-Ink Cover

Illustration for article titled Esquire Expects You to Hack Their E-Ink Cover

I was not impressed with Esquire's E-ink cover idea, but Joel Johnson at BBG has interviewed the Esky overlords and changed my mind a bit. Surprisingly, Esquire expects us to buy these mags and hack them. Second, Ford advertisements, also in E-ink, displaced some of the cost of production. That's good news for us. I still think its wasteful when they could do the same thing through Amazon or Sony's e-books for far less, but this interview goes a long way towards convincing me to buy one when they hit stands. A lot more at [BBG.]


UPDATE: I still love AJ Jacobs writing.



I will likely not read the interior of the magazine, but I will be all over buying a copy of this, if only to show companies that making technological leaps is a viable business risk.